About Me


Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy, MFR UK (2022)

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage, NLSSM (2014)

Silver Member of the Sports Massage Association http://www.thesma.org/Sys/PublicProfile/27534860/1132910

Meditation Teacher with Yoga Alliance (2021)

Advanced Yoga Sports CoachTM (2011) and Head of Faculty, Yoga Sports Science®

Yoga and Anatomy Series, Natural Bodies (2010)

British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (2006)

First Aid qualified and fully insured

My career in body and movement work began with yoga.  Since my 20s, it has been a constant, helping me through all manner of challenges and changes. From the moment I began on the path to teach, it became a true passion for me: I believe that we all have the ability to change our lives for the better, and it is my experience that once established on the path of yoga, an individual rarely leaves.  As well as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, I am also a Meditation Teacher.

Following teacher training, specialist anatomy training for yoga gave me an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles governing safe, effective and progressive yoga teaching and practice.  On a personal level, this has enabled me to issues associated with many years of computer work, driving and the general stresses of life, giving me a degree of freedom in my body which I never imagined possible and which continues to be nothing short of life-changing.   An ongoing process, it has inspired me to specialise in postural analysis and structural fitness in my own work, developing a teaching style which focuses on developing students’ structural health through all stages of life whilst honouring the traditions of the ancient practice with a relaxed and body/mind integrated approach.  In 2011, I qualified as a Yoga Sports Coach® with the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® (iYSS), integrating yoga into performance training.  I continue to work with athletes and dancers at all levels, now with Advanced Yoga Sports CoachTM status and as Head of Faculty for iYSS.  Coaching the next generation to deliver cutting-edge practice for the prevention of injury, lifestyle management and the control of nerves in sport is immensely rewarding work.  In 2017 I became a CPD teacher for the British Wheel of Yoga, delivering specialist post-diploma training to yoga teachers.  For details of this work, click here.

Movement work led me to look more deeply into the body.  In 2014 I qualified in 2014 in sports and remedial soft tissue therapy with the renowned North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM), subsequently teaching at the school for 4 years.  More recently, I completed the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy with Myofascial Release UK.  The combination of manual therapy and movement work has brought a whole new dimension to my work, giving me the skills to address directly injuries, posture and tensions, and this has now become my new passion.

I have a thriving clinic and teaching schedule with a wide range of clients from all walks of life.  My training is never over – developing my understanding of the body and taking my therapy and movement skills to a whole new, deeper level.  For details of my practice, please click here.