Online Private/1:1 Yoga


Online Private/1:1 Yoga

Beginners: a couple of 1:1 sessions will introduce you to the basics before you join a class

Experienced yogis: refine your practice with individual coaching, including set homework 🙂

Sport-Specific Yoga

Keep up your training with yoga for sport performance and injury prevention

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Private/1:1 yoga

In small groups, students benefit from more individual attention during their practice, and 1:1 yoga is specifically tailored to your needs at a time to suit you. You will be coached to find new approaches to freeing the body, easing discomfort and addressing specific issues. These sessions include:

  • Analysis of posture and movement.
  • Individual coaching aligned to your needs, focusing on working holistically to build new patterns of posture and movement, eradicate unhelpful habits and learn to move from within the body’s natural alignment and space.
  • Handwritten notes or video footage to aid your practice.

New to yoga? Many of the simplest movements and postures can help free the body and address specific alignment issues, and clients can discover how yoga practice can positively affect overall physical and mental vitality. Lack of experience in yoga is no barrier to improving overall posture, health and performance through these methods.

Prices start at £75 per hour for up to 2 people, with block booking discounts available.

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For private/1:1 Yoga Sports Coaching, please click here.