The Yoga Playground: 25% of proceeds to Stand Up To Racism


We raised £100 for the Barnet branch of Stand Up To Racism

in June/July with the one-off specials

Recordings are available for all sessions: Contact me to purchase


Household Helpers (60 mins)

Beans Meanz Yoga – food cans, broom handle, towels, toilet roll, egg box, gloves, scarves, chairs as props to help us refine our alignment, weight distribution, balance and more!

£8 for two weeks’ access

Tranquil Tuesday Restorative Yoga (2 hours)

Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing: try it if you’ve never done it! (see below for equipment needed)

£16 for two weeks’ access

A Fine Balance

A special session on balance and stability.  Practice makes perfect – learn tips and tricks for class and for incorporating balance work into your everyday routines.

You will need a mat, a yoga block or thick book, 2 400g cans of beans/soup, a small towel and a £2 or £1 coin.

£8 for two weeks’ access

For Restorative Yoga you will need:

  • a yoga mat or similar
  • yoga blocks or substitutes – books, firm cushions, etc
  • a yoga strap or substitute – theraband, dressing gown cord, long scarf or long thin towel
  • a couple of blankets
  • a few small towels (these can be folded to double up as blocks)
  • a chair
  • eye pillow if you like them
  • a bolster or substitute (blankets/towels rolled up and stuffed into a pillowcase)

This is a good time to invest in a bolster and maybe also an eye pillow 🙂 To order:

  • direct from and use the discount code SZOF1TD3E8Q7 for 5% off, however you will pay delivery and even if you order today they cannot guarantee delivery times as they are currently slow.  You want the large bolster.
  • I have a number of bolsters I can lend out on a first-come-first-served basis if you collect and return to me afterwards, at your risk (we are a virus free household as far as I know, but if you are concerned you can cover the bolster in clingfilm and keep it clean that way).
  • you can of course order from Amazon or other suppliers if it looks like you can get it in time.  I don’t recommend buckwheat bolsters as they are heavy.