Yoga For Dance

“Since Anthea has been teaching our postgraduate musical theatre students as part of their dance programme, injuries have been fewer. We have also encouraged a language and vocabulary that can house all aspects of their training, from considering breath control in their dance and singing to employing muscles effectively to support their dance yet sustain a sense of release thus not infringing on vocal quality.”
Lainie Baird, Head of Dance, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London

Mountview takes an enlightened approach to movement work, with an understanding that all three aspects of Musical Theatre performance – dance, acting and singing – can benefit from training in intelligent and appropriate use of the body, breath and mind. Yoga fits perfectly with this approach and the work with Musical Theatre students focuses on the use of yoga to support the physical, mental and lifestyle demands of students and professionals:

  • a whole-body approach to strength, mobility, flexibility and injury prevention, including spinal health and the management of traditionally challenging areas such as hamstrings, shoulders, feet/ankles and lower backs
  • development of breath awareness and breathing capacity
  • working with individual differences in posture and movement
  • using the natural resource of the breath and the mind to calm nerves and manage stress
  • the adoption of yoga to manage the demanding nature of a competitive performance career

In addition to teaching groups of students, I have coached 1:1 dancers and other movement specialists in using yoga to enhance their work, their training and/or their lifestyle. For more information, please contact me.